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Tim our PGCE trainee, demonstrates some fantastic co-ordination skills by getting his year 7 class to play a class ensemble of the famous Ode To Joy. Students worked brilliantly, increasing their confidence, memory, attention and concentration skills.


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Together, we are stronger 💛


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Every act of kindness makes a difference. Let's help create a happier world this December with our Kindness Calendar. Please use & share 💕🌎🎄


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Here's a starting point for leaders in beginning to uncover what matters, and starting ongoing conversations about it (from Counsell, C. 'seeing a curriculum more clearly: better conversations with middle leaders' in (ed.) the Guide to the Curriculum)


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This December transform your world through loving kindness. 📅 Find the high resolution version and multiple formats of this calendar here:


Mini-whiteboards are an invaluable tool for teachers, as they both engage students and allow the teacher to check students' understanding. Nazrana uses mini-whiteboards with her year 7 class, she can see all written or drawn responses simultaneously as every student participates.


Our Year 11s and Year 13s are coping with the challenges of mocks brilliantly. As they enter the second week of mocks we just want to share 's guide on looking after their mental health during exams and revision


Taken from Teaching Walkthrus book, our teachers have been trialling out two specific techniques-Say it again better and Peer supported retrieval. Feedback from staff and students have been fantastic as these techniques aid students to produce high quality verbal responses.


We are looking forward to our annual BOSS day tomorrow. We have made an update to the dress code policy: Students wishing to wear Islamic dress should wear a simple and a which are not over embellished.


As our Year 11 and 13 students begin their mock exams we want to share 's guide on how to look after your mental health during revision and exams:


One kind word can change someone's entire day . It is something we can all do everyday. When was the last time you went out of your way to be ?


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There is a strong link between mental health and bullying. Young people who have experienced bullying are more likely to experience mental health issues and those who have mental health issues are more likely to be bullied.


An interesting podcast recently shared with out PGCE students - Dr. James Lang has six recommendations in this podcast about how we can better understand student attention and how we can get their attention while we teach.


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New SEND steering group, including the , chief and director of education Chris Russell will ensure the delayed review will be delivered 'at pace' , says


Have you stopped to consider what you might need to quit?


Students learning about tilting and toppling in physics, this method of dual coding works really well as students understand the concepts through the combination of visual and verbal processing. It also improves students' retention of information.


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Reminder: Your intrusive thoughts don't get to define you. They have no grounding in who you really are. Don't let them throw you off your track.


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Books are a fantastic way to help children with anxiety and to spark conversations about mental health in general. We asked Georgina Atwell, founder of the UK’s leading children’s book review site, Toppsta, for her top recommendations of books to help📚


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Are you a young person aged up to 25 looking for support for your mental health? On My Mind is a website co-produced with young people, which includes advice on referrals, working with services, self-care & a directory of free services across the UK👉

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Drama Scholarship

Chobham Academy Drama Scholarship

Chobham Academy's state of the art facilities provide students the perfect platform to 1excel within the Arts. Our expert teachers encourage and support students to realise their full potential with a perfect balance between academic curriculum and vocational opportunities. The new scholarship provides students with a range of offers that not only enhances their study of A-Level Drama and Theatre Studies, but also allows them to flourish both inside and outside of the class.

Through this scholarship, we are able to provide the following package, worth in excess of £1000:

  • £100 worth of theatre tickets to be used within the curriculum

  • £100 towards a trip to New York or the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

  • Professional Headshots at the start of your course worth over £150.

  • An official Chobham Academy Drama uniform 

  • Industry related work experience 

  • Professional workshops from industry experts 

  • Agent representation  2

  • Professional Showreel on completion of course which showcases all your work over the two years.

A-Level Drama & Theatre Studies is a creatively fulfilling and intellectually demanding subject. We genuinely believe this unique combination of vocational opportunity and academic study creates young people who are poised, self-assured and well-prepared for any onward path that they choose.


I thoroughly enjoyed studying A-level drama at Chobham! The facilities were amazing, and the teachers were extremely knowledgeable about the way the acting industry works. It set me up perfectly for drama school and what to expect in a professional acting environment. The theatre and studios are equal to, if not better than many of the theatres I have worked in. The course certainly fosters your creativity and gets you focused, not only on your growth as a performer, but how to work in an ensemble. I would urge anyone wanting to develop their craft further to consider A-level Drama at Chobham. 

Niyi Bammodu – Alumni 2013-15

A-Level Drama at Chobham academy is a great place to develop your learning and express yourself simultaneously. The dedicated teachers provide a supportive environment where we as students can all grow as individuals and as performers. Because of this, as a drama student, my confidence has grown tremendously, and I feel more comfortable when performing in front of people. Being a member of the Chobham Academy drama class has felt like being in a family, where I feel safe to make mistakes and I am given many opportunities to grow as a performer.

Ezrae Maye - Current Y13

Studying A-Level Drama at Chobham Academy has allowed me to enhance my confidence as a person as well as an actor. With its immersive group tasks that take me out of my comfort zone, I am placed in scenarios I never envisioned myself in, all which improve my communication and teamwork skills. The teachers are always supportive and willing to help me when I need it. Picking A-Level Drama was one of my favourite things about Chobham Academy!

Johan Orliaku – Current Y13

The Drama Department’s ethos is for every student to be accepted for who they are and to be recognised for their unique abilities and talents. If it wasn’t for the Drama teachers at Chobham Academy, I most likely would not have achieved a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and I have now progressed my career further by undertaking a Drama PGCE in Secondary Education.

Connor Ifrim – Alumni 2014-15

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