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Catch alumnus & last seasons Football Academy captain Max live on BT sports tomorrow afternoon (3pm), as he represents in their match against Chelsea foundation. Good luck Max ⚽️


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I love art rooms. Thanks to our art & science 6th formers for a fantastic workshop mixing up glazes, decorating our test tiles of 18thC Bow porcelain recipes & helping and I co-curate the Making East London Porcelain exhibition for


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Congratulations to our graduates and apprentices competing in this year's CEO Challenge. Team Sterling partnered with local school to deliver a series of engaging resources to boost students' online financial safety.


Last week, our trainees were discussing the topic on how we can improve formative assessments. Taken from Daisy Christodoulou’s Making Good Progress book, trainees were evaluating the effectiveness of a range of different assessment techniques and systems.


Vacancy: Subject Leader of Computer Science with a pathway to Lead Practitioner


How are you in your approach to both your professional and personal life? Year 12 Prefects are exploring their sense of self with the expert guidance of in order to better support their


Some of our Year 10s are very excited to be at a recording of at the invited by the to celebrate 10 years since the London games!


During this busy term with exam preparations, our trainees were discussing the importance of health and well-being for our students. This useful article shares 8 ways in which we can help create a happy, focussed and supportive learning environment.


Today for our Mondays session in tutor time we are looking at the ways to and using 's strategies to come up with our own plans:


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"We need to understand that our self-care impacts the lives of those around us in innumerable positive ways," says , mindfulness teacher, author, and founder of .


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"Sensing mindfully creates a space where we can experience what is happening, rather than what we think should happen or what has already happened. It’s a chance to rest the analytical mind that habitually searches for solutions, even when there's none."


How are you loud enough without straining your voice? Mr Faulkner delivered a fabulous session on 'Voice Projection'. Strategies were shared on how you can relax your voice by various humming and breathing techniques. Posture also makes a huge difference to your voice projection.


Eid Mubarak to all our wonderful staff, students and families. May you all be blessed with kindness, patience, happiness, and love ❤️✨


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A great way to start the day and get the mind ready for learning


Mr Tem, our behaviour mentor led a brilliant session on building positive relationships with our students. Mr Tem explained that the key to unlocking student potential is by developing positive and respectful relationships with our students which will help promote their learning.


Today we launch our 'Mental Health Mondays' sessions. Every Monday tutor time our students will complete activities on looking after our and . This week's session looks at understanding what is with 's video


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One of my joys is being the Safeguarding and SEN Governor for The hard work and dedication of both staff and pupils never ceases to impress!


It's important to remind ourselves that 'it's OK to...'


This was recently shared with our trainees - 5 Teaching Ideas For The Summer. Some really useful advice given to help prepare for the summer term! 🙂#teachertoolkit

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Drama Scholarship

Chobham Academy Drama Scholarship

Chobham Academy's state of the art facilities provide students the perfect platform to 1excel within the Arts. Our expert teachers encourage and support students to realise their full potential with a perfect balance between academic curriculum and vocational opportunities. The new scholarship provides students with a range of offers that not only enhances their study of A-Level Drama and Theatre Studies, but also allows them to flourish both inside and outside of the class.

Through this scholarship, we are able to provide the following package, worth in excess of £1000:

  • £100 worth of theatre tickets to be used within the curriculum

  • £100 towards a trip to New York or the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

  • Professional Headshots at the start of your course worth over £150.

  • An official Chobham Academy Drama uniform 

  • Industry related work experience 

  • Professional workshops from industry experts 

  • Agent representation  2

  • Professional Showreel on completion of course which showcases all your work over the two years.

A-Level Drama & Theatre Studies is a creatively fulfilling and intellectually demanding subject. We genuinely believe this unique combination of vocational opportunity and academic study creates young people who are poised, self-assured and well-prepared for any onward path that they choose.


I thoroughly enjoyed studying A-level drama at Chobham! The facilities were amazing, and the teachers were extremely knowledgeable about the way the acting industry works. It set me up perfectly for drama school and what to expect in a professional acting environment. The theatre and studios are equal to, if not better than many of the theatres I have worked in. The course certainly fosters your creativity and gets you focused, not only on your growth as a performer, but how to work in an ensemble. I would urge anyone wanting to develop their craft further to consider A-level Drama at Chobham. 

Niyi Bammodu – Alumni 2013-15

A-Level Drama at Chobham academy is a great place to develop your learning and express yourself simultaneously. The dedicated teachers provide a supportive environment where we as students can all grow as individuals and as performers. Because of this, as a drama student, my confidence has grown tremendously, and I feel more comfortable when performing in front of people. Being a member of the Chobham Academy drama class has felt like being in a family, where I feel safe to make mistakes and I am given many opportunities to grow as a performer.

Ezrae Maye - Current Y13

Studying A-Level Drama at Chobham Academy has allowed me to enhance my confidence as a person as well as an actor. With its immersive group tasks that take me out of my comfort zone, I am placed in scenarios I never envisioned myself in, all which improve my communication and teamwork skills. The teachers are always supportive and willing to help me when I need it. Picking A-Level Drama was one of my favourite things about Chobham Academy!

Johan Orliaku – Current Y13

The Drama Department’s ethos is for every student to be accepted for who they are and to be recognised for their unique abilities and talents. If it wasn’t for the Drama teachers at Chobham Academy, I most likely would not have achieved a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and I have now progressed my career further by undertaking a Drama PGCE in Secondary Education.

Connor Ifrim – Alumni 2014-15

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